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Теневые очки - Предмет - World of Warcraft


Комментарий от groegan102

A fair item for casters, though it looks kind of out of place.

Not recommended for Melee toons, unless

a) You want the extra armor
b) You're going for the +6 Spi
or c) You want to look groovy

Personally if you're looking for c), you might as well get the Flying Tiger Goggles (https://classic.wowhead.com/?item=4368#m0z) as it has better stats albeit lower armor rating.

Комментарий от ilovegirlz

Got em on my priest. Pretty good item for casters (although the cost of leveling engineering to 120 at lower levels means it tends to be a twink item).

However, if you've got the money, I recommend leveling engineering to 225 to get the Spellpower Goggles Xtreme. https://classic.wowhead.com/?item=10502

Комментарий от Thottbot

Go to the AH.  You can get a stack of 10 med leather for like 20s.  And if you have mining you can find Shadowgems during mining, if you don't want to spend any money.

Комментарий от Thottbot

No he meen were can i learn how to make this.
To learn this you must found the recipe/schimatic

Комментарий от Thottbot

do  you need the 120 engineering to use this item? or could I (with engineering) make it for an alt that doesn't have engineering?

Комментарий от Thottbot

The info on where to find the schematic for this shows a 7.7% drop off an Alliance NPC in the Wetlands. Otherwise, it is a 0.1% drop off random mobs, regardless of faction. My question is whats up with the 7.7% guy in Wetlands, is he a vendor for the alliance and 7.7% of people purchased it from him, or as a Horde character do i need to kill him and it will drop 7.7% of time as loot? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Комментарий от Thottbot

Sorry for the elementary question. The item level is 24. Does the wearer need to be 24? In the AH, the indicated wearer level seems to be 1 (assuming 120 Engineering of course). Is the answer too obvious for words? Just wondered if anyone had tried twinking a 19 with these.

Комментарий от Thottbot

hey i play on stormscale im a lvl 19 twink named spikay if ANY1 finds the mates and C.O.D them for abot a gold ill sure to bye

Комментарий от

I found the schematic in shadowfang keep. I can't remember what dropped them but it was in the courtyard...

Комментарий от Thottbot

i forget where i just found it. prety cool looking.

Комментарий от Thottbot

I found it in the chest at the Tower of Althaxx just infront of the entrance to the tower.

Комментарий от Thottbot

I have a lvl 40 skinner so i dont have any problems to get the Medium Leathers.. And my rogue (who needs da goggles) has 5 shadowglem.. shadowgloom..shadowgledm.. what ever

Комментарий от Thottbot

My rogue gots the schematic but hes engineering is only 90..

I have been thinking about selling those goggles middle at Orgrimmar.. i think casters would pay good from those.. 4g single.. i think thats too much..

well... but im gonna take these req engineering 100 becuz theyre eayser and better (they give stamina i think)

Комментарий от Thottbot

were do these drop
any where in darkshore?

Комментарий от Thottbot

can u by the recipe in ironforge?

Комментарий от Thottbot

just got these for my twink preist they look awsome and are really good for any spell casting character i bought them off the auction house for 1g... cheap!
<( 'o')>

Комментарий от Thottbot

i been playing WOW for over a year and i nearly always go engineering and omg the prices of scimatics now you said 1g is cheap i remember when theses sold for like 15s max the prices are just going up and up jesus lol

Комментарий от Thottbot

i dont know if these are eney good for my rouge twink.....he has FTG i have Scamatics for it to

Комментарий от Thottbot

Whats better for a balance druid these or Flying Tiger Googles (+4stam +4spirit)?

Комментарий от Allakhazam

ONLY intellect-giving head to lvl 10-19. Wouldnt use over Lucky Fishing Hat though.

Комментарий от Allakhazam

theese goggles i like! got them at lvl 14 after hard work with my engineer skill!

Комментарий от Taraezor

Go to first helm for engineering casters. Not that it has NO level requirement. Players twinking for Warson Gulch will debate the nice stamina on the lower level Очки летающего тигра. As a mage and levelling, this one is a no brainer.

Сквернозащитные очки - Предмет - World of Warcraft


Комментарий от Alastor949

"The goggles, they do nathing!"
They need this flavor texts xD

Комментарий от Vjnzen

Item currently on the 6.2 PTR. "Cosmetic" gives me hope that we will be finally able to use the style on non-cloth/mail Users!

Комментарий от DanJack

Patch 7.0.3
This item has been updated and is now added to your appearances, so you just need to get it once and all your characters can Transmog it.

Patch 6.1.2

Сквернозащитные очки are a Cosmetic Item.
- Cosmetic items are some of the best transmog items in the game since it does not matter what class you are or armor type you use.
- These goggles are also bind on picked up. (Only for the character you get them on)

This item can be found here: Пропитанная Скверной сумка

Комментарий от bigbad3166

my eyes! the goggles do nothing!

Комментарий от Osmigos

They don't do anything...

Комментарий от Osskaar2

Anybody figured out how to get this?

Комментарий от HolsUldum

Treasure: 46.94 - 44.38

Комментарий от Paladinxo

Doesn't say there's an item level restriction, perhaps low levels / twinkers can use it ? O:

Комментарий от EverGuardian

Fit for your Gnome Twink!

Комментарий от varenne

Сквернозащитные очки is found inside the Пропитанная Скверной сумка treasure, which is located in The Fel Forge zone. You'll find the treasure inside the wagon stuck in the river leading to Hellfire Citadel.
Treasure coordinates 46.9, 44.4.
Treasure location video https://youtu.be/xzY5JCjE6LY
Tanaan Jungle Treasures Playlist

Комментарий от lolman647

Despite these goggles having no minimum level requirement and being cosmetic, you currently (June 24th 2015) can NOT obtain these on a lower level, such as a twink. The box they are contained in requires level 100 to loot, I hope this comment at least saves someone the effort of getting out there to be disappointed by being unable to loot the box.

Комментарий от MakMakTuralyon

My eyes! The goggles do nothing!

Комментарий от MakMakTuralyon

A lot of butthurt people downvoting Simpsons references on here.

Комментарий от Branasan

Пропитанная Скверной сумка >>>>> https://youtu.be/hu045wcvkbc

Комментарий от Neutralis

If you have any junk seller addon it will sell it. The only way it won't is if you use it for transmog then put it in the bank right away. Cause I almost made the mistake of visiting the vendor before I put it in the bank and my junk seller sold it. I did get it back though. Not sure if it's a one time loot or not. Better to be safe then sorry.

Комментарий от Malachi256

For anyone wondering, these are identical to "Green Tinted Goggles" in every way, so you can delete/sell them without worrying about losing a unique transmog.

Комментарий от Evenuel

Сквернозащитные очки are actually NOT fel-proof 🙁 You still get Тина Скверны if You step into fel-water... And I was hoping...

Комментарий от Cillois

Requires lvl 100 to loot the satchel. Sorry for the twinks that wanted it 🙁

Комментарий от bleukreuz

These goggles looks more oval (squished horizontally) when worn by pandaren, worgen, or goblin, giving a more contemporary sunglasses look.

Комментарий от stickshift

I fell and died...next time I'll pay more attention.

Комментарий от TheLustful

Just because the goggles are fel-proof doesn't mean you are. So don't slap these on then go moon Archimonde.

Комментарий от AxellSlade

What's the point of putting a class-free, no level requirement cosmetic item INTO A CONTAINER THAT REQUIRES YOU TO BE LEVEL 100 AND IT'S BOP?

Комментарий от mdburkard

Ze googles... they do nothink!

Комментарий от scartaris

So it's a purely cosmetic, class-free item... that no one can use, because Legion's transmogrify feature only lets you transmog one type of armor (cloth for Warlocks, mail for Hunters, etc.).

Oh, well.

Комментарий от Coonga

Maybe I am overlooking something here, but I have these goggles and they are not added to my transmog collection at all. If it helps anyone diagnose the problem, I am a hunter.


Комментарий от

imagine being a demon hunter and wearing these :^)

Защитные очки - Предмет - World of Warcraft


Комментарий от Paramud

They do nothing.

Комментарий от kingxorn

Best comment EVER!

Комментарий от hi19hi19

They provide 10 armor...

Комментарий от CanadianIAm

My eyes!

Комментарий от Morwo

The Goggles


Комментарий от shiii

they keep your eyes safe would be my guess.. O.o

Комментарий от Gnoktish

You guys are not taking this serious enough! A projectile of some sort may impale your eye, thus you have to wear Rend's eyepatch! These are a neccessary precaution!

Комментарий от AncientAlan

Wish they were BoE so I could give em to one of my banker alts.

Комментарий от lunayah

At least we could.....um....... try to do something with them. Those goggles are so lame!

Комментарий от ICanHasDPS

"And remember this: there is no more important safety rule than to wear these — safety glasses."

Комментарий от iZallen

A strange reward from A strange Request..

Комментарий от Facico

Cannot be transmogrified.

Комментарий от MoarHeroisms

These goggles have a unique color scheme, gold with green lenses, and can't be found anywhere else.

Комментарий от VindicoEques

Man, I wish I could get this on a level 1 bank alt. I guess the other alternative is the Ruby version.

Комментарий от seahen

Only 10 armor? I'd be safer wearing a hard hat.

Комментарий от OffDutyNinja

Remember: when wearing these Goggle you can dance, if you want to. Or you can leave your friends behind. But, if your friends don't dance, and if they don't dance, than they're no friends of mine...

Комментарий от traxex84

A bit silly that these can't be transmogged 🙁 Considering they are 100% cosmetic and have no other use :/

Комментарий от Krausladen

They are significant because they are like the goggles you see on the loading screen. Beyond looks they're worthless and take up space. They look like a good swimming pair more than anything.

Комментарий от kendallzemp

You CAN store them in Void Storage!

Солнцезащитные очки с бронзовым напылением - Предмет


Комментарий от Goodguykeem

Currently, at the time of writing this the item's where-abouts is unknown however it is believed that this could be hidden somewhere in the Chromie scenario, if you get any information on this item please comment below.

You can join in on the hunt with other players by joining the WoW Secrets Discord.

EDIT: The item is classified as refundable which means that it is sold by some sort of vendor.

Current theories:

-Stratholme vendors in Chromie Scenario
-Mad Merchant
-Trial of Style

EDIT 2: Sorry guys, this is again just a theory not confirmed but the current evidence seems to point to this being from the upcoming anniversary event celebrating World of Warcraft. Again this isn't 100% true but it seems like the case. How anti-climatic. This is judged by the fact that they have similar item ID to the anniversary items whom were also added this patch. It's also timewalking themed.

EDIT 3 - 19/08/17: Another edit, after nothing was found from Chromie scenario after months of hunting, the only other thought really was that it came from the Trial of Style event which has also been proven false. I don't wanna say confirmed but... I think it's obvious that this is for the anniversary.

Комментарий от levee28

You can buy it from Историк Ллор for 200 Искаженный временем знак.
It's a gift for the 13th birthday of WoW.

Комментарий от lifekills

Item is tied to 13th WoW anniversary. As Horde character you can get it for 200 timewrap badges from Historian Ju'pa in Orgrimmar during event.

Комментарий от Karamela

Elton John approved.

Комментарий от ayeee

Timeless, so age don't count in the booth!

in order to tmog it account wide you need to deal away with refund timer.
Tmog it to bind it son!

Комментарий от Kalec01

It seems this item is not cross faction (mog). May have been a bug or something, but once I logged on my horde character on another server, it didn't have the mog option. I had to buy it again. Thankfully you also get 200 timewalking whatevers as a gift (the exact cost of the glasses).

I then tired to log on characters on other servers, they all have it. So it seems it's just a faction thing.

Комментарий от Hyrulemaster77

I purchased this item on my Druid and was immediately able to use it on my Shaman. Confirmed that it is indeed not bound to one armor set or character, it is account wide!

Комментарий от Ruski

If you're interested in walking through Stormwind and having folks turn their heads, asking "was that Elton John?" then these are the shades for you!

Комментарий от dextter

Can anybody confirm whether or not this will be transmoggable after the event ends?

Комментарий от Jeolene

These are not account wide. I got them on my main and I've been across four alts and none of them have it unlocked. They also do not show up under "Not Collected" in the filter tab. Looks like it's only for the anniversary.

Комментарий от Jeolene

I jumped on my lvl1 bank alt and these DO show up as moggable even at that level, however there are no greens to transmog at that level. Though, once you reach a level that can get greens, you can have a stylish look all the way to 110 😀

It just occoured to me that lvl1 characters can start with heirlooms (been a while since I've leveled) and they are transmoggable too! So now you CAN be stylish from lvl1!

Комментарий от thetbeast

Do you have to keep the item to keep the appearance collection?

Комментарий от piraka810

Facts about this item

These glasses are available during the 13-я годовщина World of Warcraft event, which runs from November 16th to November 30th. However, it's safe to assume that they will be available during later WoW anniversary events, like Щенок корги, which was the reward for the 12th anniversary.

Комментарий от Meiluy

Bravo, Blizzard, Bravo. The name for this item is quite similar to the phrase "Rose-Tinted Glasses", which has the definition "An unduly idealistic, optimistic, sentimental, or wistful perspective on or about something". This phrase is often used by people who swear that no one is really interested in playing Vanilla as it was, only as they remember it... and this item is released during the Anniversary which is themed for the announcement of World of Warcraft: Classic, an Official Legacy Server release.

I see what you did there, Blizzard... and I approve.

Комментарий от BlizzardCS

Hey guys!

Just wanted to clarify that the Bronze-Tinted Sunglasses are only transmoggable during WoW’s Anniversary event (every year). Apologies for any confusion!

Комментарий от Darias

If they were rose colored glasses, they'd be more appropriate for everyone clamoring for Classic Servers naaaaaooooowww!1111eleventy

Комментарий от QuartrDollarKing

The past is so bright you gotta wear shades!

Комментарий от antoniop23

Beware: disenchanting (DE) yielded a Small Glimmering Shard. However, YMMV.

Комментарий от bfyffe

Looking at both the forums and Blizzard's Twitter account, it appears that a firestorm has been unleashed with unhappy subscribers responding to the planned removal of this item after the 13th anniversary. Loosen up on the XMOG restrictions and allow people to have some fun with their characters! #freetheshades

Комментарий от darkphoenixs

"Yo, those glasses are swag! Where did you get them?"
The only tmog I got many complements on, I have such fun now that I got them 🙂

Комментарий от Niatzu

I love these glasses! It doesn't feel like much a gift when you can only wear them for 2 weeks every year.

Комментарий от Felme

Really really disappointed with Blizzard for making this mog only usable during anniversary events. We spent badges on this, and it's not like we can only use the past anniversary pets once a year, so why do this? 🙁

Комментарий от R8rRen

*[email protected]# YOU BLIZZARD

Комментарий от vindurza

There's a reason they're bronze. Like the @#$%ty move of time locking their usage, instead of making them moggable and wearable year round, they are brown.

Комментарий от robinson427


C'mon Blizz! Seriously? Why waste 200 badges for a mog you can only use 2 weeks out of the year? The Corgi Goggles are lame but at least it works year-round.

Комментарий от spyropurple

Ahh, I remember the days when it first came out...They looked dashing with all my mogs.

I immediately got pissed for knowing later they're only transmoggable for the event. Well, unless you have the physical item yourself...

But still...

Новый наряд - Задание - World of Warcraft

Краткая информация
Купите блестящие украшения у Гэппи Серебряного Зуба, новый стильный костюмчик у Забо и модные темные очки у Миссы Фарцовщицы в переулке Дельцов.


Новый наряд? Да ты что?! Твой банкет – настоящее событие! Все сливки общества этого острова соберутся! Прямо-таки взбитые сливки!

Ну, что же... удачных покупок! Кстати, лучшие в городе магазины – в Переулке Дельцов.

Как отоварился, Джиксид? Жуть, как хочется увидеть новый наряд на тебе!

Надеюсь, это того стоит.

Хм, ты прекрасно впишешься в обстановку банкета. Конечно, мой наряд выглядит получше… Такими темпами ты со дня на день займешь место торгового принца!

Просто не могу дождаться момента, когда мне не придется больше работать! Ты же меня обеспечишь всем необходимым, милый?

Давай-ка мне сюда обновки – я тебя принаряжу для банкета.


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